Gravy Bar MCR

Gravy Bar was revealed in March 2017 as Manchester's first deluxe cuisinery focussed on gravy. It launched on April 1st 2017, after being covered by more than 30 online publications including Manchester Evening News, Metro, The Evening Standard, Huffington Post UK and the "i", to name but a few.


Who are you?
We won't tell. People have implied that they're the ones responsible on Twitter, but they're liars and deserve no gravy.
I want to talk to you.
[email protected]
Are you a PR or marketing firm? Do you work for a gravy or stock brand?
No. We've oddly been accused of being a campaign for various gravy companies, but we're not associated with any brand, PR firm or agency of any sort.
Why did you do this?
An excellent question.
I hate you!
That's fair.
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